Two new sermons by Bro. R.C. Cavaness and Bro. Paul D. Mooney on Apostolic Classics


Two new sermons by Bro. R.C. Cavaness “Our Great High Priest” and Bro. Paul D. Mooney “And Then” on Apostolic Classics online and in our apps for Android and Iphone.

Robert C. CavanessBro. R.C. Cavaness preaches on “Our Great High Priest” on July 24, 1986 at Mile High Conference at CAC in Denver, Colorado.

Robert Cecil Cavaness
1920 ~ 1988

Reverend Robert Cecil Cavaness was born on July 30, 1920 in “Sod-town” a small suburb of Bloomington, Indiana. He was the youngest child born in the Cavaness family. Robert was raised in “Pigeon Hill” another small suburb of Bloomington. To describe Pigeon Hill you would have to talk to someone who actually lived there. The entire geographical area was only about five blocks wide, and three blocks deep. It was a poor section of town and very tough to say the least. Pigeon Hill was a place where the “less fortunate” sometimes had to live. In fact, it was so bad that when the policemen walked their “beat” they would go two- by-two for self protection. Many of the houses where people lived were considered to be nothing more than “shacks”. In many instances they would simply lay linoleum down on top of the dirt floor just to keep them off the ground.

Robert was raised in a small “shot-gun” house in this not-so-prestigious neighborhood. In his own words, he said, “I was raised poor.” He often referred to it as a “dung-hill” unfit for humanity. Robert recalled, “I was so poor growing up that I took only one bath per week. For if you had to carry water, and heat it too! and put it into a #2 wash tub, you wouldn’t take but one bath a week either.” His mother and father were divorced when he was very young. His father died early in life. Robert described his early life as such, “It was like living in a “hell-hole. Bootlegging and drunkenness was just a way of life.” Most of his youth was spent in and around “Pigeon Hill.”

Robert Cavaness was the first in his family to say yes to God. At the tender age of (16) he entered into the church. By invitation he began to attend the Pentecostal Church in loomington, Indiana, pastored by O.T. Frame. After hearing the Apostolic faith message of Acts 2:38, he pursued after the new birth experience. On December 2, 1936, Robert received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. This became the turning point in his life, as he would leave behind old friends and acquaintances to serve the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Robert truly became the “Pride of Pigeon Hill.”

Robert and Muriel Essex were united in holy matramony, and to this union were born 3 children.

Brother Cavaness soon developed a deep love for the Word of God, and learned the significance of a prayer life. These were some of the outstanding qualities that were instilled in him from his pastor, Brother Frame. He endured much persecution as a young Christian. However, this helped to develope good charisteristics in him, and tempered him for the job that God would eventually call him to do. In his formative years as a Christian, Robert developed a love for the house of God. He began to spend more time at church than anywhere else. The more that he studied the Bible and had his eyes opened to the things of God, the more that he desired to know. It wasn’t long until he began to feel a drawing within his inner most being as God began to deal with him about the ministry.

Elder Cavaness became a “prolific” Bible scholar. He was given to study, and searched the scriptures intently. Rightly dividing the Word of God became his specialty. His life and ministry was like a nail in a sure place. His peers looked to him for guidance and leadership. He became an anchor to those troubled by lifes storms. He came too late to know Bishop Haywood, but was blessed enough to have developed a close relationship with two of Haywood’s spiritual sons, namely, the late, Elder R.F. Tobin, and the late Bishop M.E. Golder. Elder Tobin left one of the most proficient impacts on Elder Cavaness’ life. He both adored and emulated this “Great” man of God.

Elder Cavaness spent time in two organizations. Namely, the United Pentecostal Church International, and the Apostolic Ministers Fellowship. However, in his early years of ministry as a minister, he preached most frequently for the predominantly black “Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.” On October 12, 1945, Elder Cavaness began his tenure as pastor of Apostolic Tabernacle, located at 905 South Pike Street in Shelbyville, Indiana. On April 7, 1988, after nearly 43 years of serving his generation, Elder Cavaness fell on sleep.
Paul D. Mooney: Pastor, Calvary Tabernacle Indianapolis, IN preaches on “And Then” at MARC Conference in 1995.

Rev. Paul D. Mooney is pastor of Calvary Tabernacle Church, and also serves as president of Indiana Bible College and of Calvary Christian Schools. He is currently serving as Assistant General Superintendent, Eastern Zone of the United Pentecostal Church International.
Paul Mooney answered the call of God and began his ministry at twenty years of age with the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ. He served as their evangelistic coordinator for North America and was one of the youngest men ever to preach the organization’s International Conference.
After evangelizing three years, he accepted the pastorate of Muskegon Apostolic Tabernacle located in Muskegon, Michigan, in 1966. In twenty-two years he guided the church from thirteen baptized members to a congregation of over three hundred. For the last seven years he was in Muskegon, he served concurrently as pastor of Shelby United Pentecostal Church. 1980, Rev. Mooney founded Bread of Life radio broadcast, and he has been its speaker since its inception.
During Rev. Mooney’s ministry in Michigan with the United Pentecostal Church, he served twelve years on the Board of Presbyters before being elected District Secretary in 1983. He fulfilled his duties as Michigan District Secretary until called upon to step into the position of District Superintendent after the death of his beloved friend William R. Starr in 1987. While serving on the district board he directed dozens of camp meetings for all age groups, chaired the Michigan District Educational Committee and, in conjunction with the committee, was instrumental in founding the Apostolic Institute of Development, an in-district training program. He also served on numerous other committees advancing missions and leadership services to the ministry. In 1988, Rev. Mooney resigned his Michigan pastorates and the office of District Superintendent to become pastor of Calvary Tabernacle in Indianapolis, Indiana.
He previously served on the United Pentecostal Church Foreign Missions Board from 1990 until 1993 and again from 2002 until 2006. He was elected to the office of District Superintendent of the Indiana District of the United Pentecostal Church where he served until 2002 when he resigned the superintendent’s office to devote himself to launching Calvary Tabernacle and its ministries into the next phase of its great history. In spite of his busy schedule, Rev. Mooney continues to be in demand as a conference, camp meeting, crusade, and seminar speaker, not only in North America, but around the world. His ministry has impacted thousands of saints, pastors, and leaders throughout the Apostolic movement.

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